Colorful New Lizard Discovered in Vietnam

Calotes Bachae

The Calotes Bachae is Discovered

This bright “new” species had actually been confused with another very similar lizard in vietnam. The new lizard discovered is known as Calotes bachae. According to Zootaxa a study in size and characteristics of the two animals revealed they’re two different species.

During the day this lizard has a very bright green and blue color but at night their color changes to a dark  brown. Their colors are especially vivid during mating season. This new species can grow up to 11 inches and they live in certain dense topical forest areas.

What sparked this research?

Apparently the research grew from a survive about reptiles in Vietnam’s Cat Tien National Park. The findings were then passed to a group of Russian scientists working on a DNA bar code database for all Vietnam reptiles and amphibians. After comparing the two lizards they discovered many genetic differences.

With further research they revealed its possible to visually differentiate the differences in the two species; Calotes bachae (the new lizard) has a yellow marking on its face (much like a moustache) and faint brown markings on its back. The Calotes mystaceus has dark brown spots on its back and a white marking on its face. These differences were said to become much more apparent during mating season when their colors are more vivid.

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