Cute Baby Lizard Pictures

Baby Chameleon

Gawking over pictures of baby animals such as cats and puppies is easily one of the most entertaining ways to pass your time. But what about baby lizards? Admittedly, a small, scaly reptile doesn’t sound as appealing as fluffy, wide-eyed puppy but trust me, these little lizards are just as adorable! In this picture gallery, we explore some of the world’s best photography of cute baby lizards.

Baby Chameleons

Baby Chameleon Picture by Igor Siwanowicz
Baby Chameleon Picture by Igor Siwanowicz

A beautiful picture of a beautiful lizard. Igor has a wonderful collection of photos, including a handful of baby chameleon pictures! Check out his profile for more baby lizards. Also, click on the smaller pictures below to enlarge them. These pictures are copyright of their respective owners.

A special thanks to the wonderful photographers for taking these cute pictures.

Baby Geckos

Baby Gecko Picture - Momotaro Photography

Baby Gecko Picture by Momotaro Photography

Baby chameleons are surely some of the cutest lizard around. But we can’t forget about the wildly popular pet lizard, the Gecko. A cute, baby lizard gallery wouldn’t be complete without baby geckos! The pictures below belong to Momotaro photography, Uda Dennie, Martin Harvey & J Corsi.

Geckos are arguably the most popular lizards to keep as pets. Their overall size is small, most can be handled and you can pick one up at almost any pet store. But while the majority of them are easy to care for, some leaf-tailed geckos are considered “expert only” in terms of care. If you’re interested in getting a pet lizard, check out this article first.

Baby Horned Lizards

Baby Horned Lizard by Melinda Kolk
Baby Horned Lizard Picture by Melina Kolk

Even if you’re not a fan of lizards, you’ve probably seen a horned lizard. They’re covered in horns or ‘spikes’, some squirt blood from their eyes, they eat ants and they most certainly do not look cute… Unless the horned lizard is a baby. Seriously. Have a look at these baby horned lizards then click here to see what they look like as adults.


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