DENR Vows To Stop Illegal Trade of Endangered Lizard Species

Philippine Flying Lizard

Protection for the Philippine Flying Lizard and Sailfin Lizard

A television documentary known as “Born to be Wild” has sparked the enthusiasm to clamp down on the illegal trade of endangered lizard species in Cebu.

The endangered lizard species as risk are the Philippine Flying Lizard (aka Draco volans) and the Philippine Sailfin Lizard (aka Hydrosaurus pustulatus) which are located in the Kawasan falls are of Badian town.

These two species are said to be sold for P500 up to P1,000 to certain collectors (roughly $12.50 – $25 USD). These lizards are currently protected by the Wildlife Resources Conservation Protection Act. Acting against this law can results in six years in prison and or a fine up to P100,000 ($2,451 USD).

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