How to Gut Load Crickets


Gut loading crickets can be very beneficial to your pet lizard. Loading crickets up with nutrition then feeding them to your pet lizard(s) will pass the nutrients along to them, which is ultimately the goal. There are numerous products available at pet stores and online that provide the “best” nutrients for gut loading crickets and other small insects. And while these products do an excellent job, you don’t need them to gut load crickets. All you need are some fruits, vegetables, a container and some unused paper towel rolls.

Step 1: Get A Cricket CageExo Terra - Small Plastic Terrarium

The first thing you need is an enclosure for your crickets. Get a small, plastic terrarium online or at your local pet store. The one shown in the picture is an “Exo Terra.” But any small terrarium will suffice.

It should be large enough to contain a mixture of fruits, vegetables, a toilet paper roll (cut in half) and of course, the crickets.

Step 2: Selecting The Food

Crickets will feed on a variety of vegetables and fruit. Some of the most common ingredients are Potatoes, carrots, leafy greens (kale, collard greens, mustard greens), oranges & apples. most vegetables and fruits will work, but the ones listed above are the most popular. Another popular method is to blend leafy greens, potato peels and various fruits together.

To get you started, get a potato and an orange. Slice the orange in half then place both halves into your cricket cage. Now cut 3 or 4 thin slices from the potato and place them into the container (the peels will also work!). Make sure you space them out so the crickets can easily access the pieces of orange and potato.

A shallow dish filled with water is suggested but not required. The crickets will acquire water from the fruits you place in their cage.

Step 3: Substrate & Cover

Remember me saying you will need a toilet paper roll? Get that! The crickets will need something to hide under. Cut the toilet paper roll in half and place both sides in to your cricket cage. This will give them shelter, peace-of-mind and a place to rest between feeding.

Placing a paper towel over the bottom of the cage can help catch small chunks of fruits and vegetables. This is a good way to help keep a clean cage but don’t be surprised if some of the crickets find their way under it!

Step 4: Release the Crickets

Now that you have set up your cricket cage, added the fruits, vegetables and cover (the toilet paper rolls), it is time to put your crickets in to their cage. Open the top of your terrarium and carefully dump the crickets in! All that is left now is to wait at least 24 hours before feeding the crickets to your pet lizard. 24 hours is enough time for the crickets to gut load important nutrients which will eventually be passed along to your pet.

The video below covers almost everything in this article. Please watch it if you did not understand everything above. Also, comment below if you need any help or suggestions.

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