Lizard Pictures

This is our lizard image gallery section. You will find thousands of random lizard pictures here. If you’re looking for pictures of a specific type of lizard we strongly suggest using the Types of Lizards link in the main menu. Each lizard in our “lizard database” has at least 1 – 5 pictures of each specific species of lizard.

  • Baby Chameleon

    Cute Baby Lizard Pictures

    This gallery is dedicated to baby lizards! Take a look at these cute baby geckos, chameleons and horned lizards!...Read More →

  • Iguana

    Iguana Pictures

    This gallery has pictures of various iguanas. The kind of iguanas here are marine, land, desert, chuckwallas, rock and spiny-tail iguanas....Read More →

  • Gecko

    Gecko Pictures

    This gallery contained pictures of various types of geckos. This includes crested, leaf-tailed, jeweled, leopard geckos & more....Read More →

  • Monitor

    Monitor Lizard Pictures

    This gallery is for monitor lizards. We have pictures of the Blue-Tailed Monitor, Dumeril’s Monitor, Mangrove Monitor, Nile Monitor, Komodo Dragons, Orna...Read More →

  • Chameleon

    Chameleon Pictures

    This gallery contains pictures of different species of chameleons. Some of them include Jackson's chameleon, flap-necked, Fischer's and four-horned chamele...Read More →