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There are more than 6,000 species of lizards in the world. Too much for one person to tackle on their own! That’s why we’re asking you for help. Lizardtypes.com was created by a group of like-minded lizard lovers! We’re dedicated to providing quality pet care and lizard information for the general public. And believe it or not, the bulk of information found on this website was sent from various pet owners, experts and lizard enthusiasts.

So, if you know a lot about a certain type of lizard, we could use your help! Whether your knowledge is on just one lizard or many, from raising little hatch-lings to setting up enclosures, feeding or anything else related to the information found on this website.

Getting started

Pick your topic. Start writing! Try and cover every bit of information you can think of. Most of the submissions we get are from pet owners sharing their experiences and knowledge on raising various types of lizards. If you need help getting started, we suggest looking at this page on leopard geckos. We generally cover feeding, housing, lighting, substrate and the basics for what a person needs to raise a healthy pet.

How Can I Submit My Information?

Please send it to us in an email! Our email is contact@lizardtypes.com

We will then look over your submission and add it to this website.